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Please note that these are distance / online degree programs only. Do not apply here if you are looking for a campus-based program.

List of non-accepted countries and states of residence for applicants

Interested potential students ("applicants") may register and pre-enroll for free - within minutes - without any commitment at this stage.

Creating an account will facilitate communications as well as expedite the process of admissions review and course roadmap creation.

What you will need to have on hand soon (1-2 weeks) after this registration to formalize and finalize your application:

Tick A Skype account (also make sure to have a headset)

Tick A recent CV / resume ready to upload or email

Tick A scan of your diplomas / degrees ready to upload or email

Tick A scan of your national identification card or passport.

These points being clarified, you may proceed with the online application process.

What to expect:

Step 1: Once you have entered your email and password, you will be able to...

Step 2: Input your basic personal information (name, city of residence, language skills). Make sure to fill out all the fields to successfully pass this step.

Step 3: At that point, you will be requested to select your EUCLID program. Once this is done, you will immediately be emailed instructions on how to complete the admission and enrollment procedures.


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EUCLID (Pôle Universitaire Euclide |Euclid University):

A treaty-based organization with international liaison and representative offices in New York / Washington DC, Geneva, Brussels, Berlin

International Headquarters: Banjul, The Gambia; Bangui, C.A.R.

Email: info@euclid.int | Find us on Google+

Institutional High Steward: President Faustin Touadéra, PhD (Mathematics; Lille, France)

Diplomatic and Academic High Steward: Ambassador Juan Avila, PhD (Education; Fordham, USA)


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